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Exercising Balance

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Today began as any other day, I starting out conducting my "Inside 30" fitness session, and was "Fired-Up". Needless to say, while performing a balance maneuver, a question posed in my mind. What role or impact does balance truly have in my daily routine? Well, I will honestly say, that without balance, or its establishment thereof, my day would be off kilter in some form or fashion. The inability to start my day without exercise, I perceive, would be like going to work and forgetting to put my pants on. It would indeed be off-putting and inviting to a day starting out in potential turmoil. Prioritizing or conducting exercise on the front-end of my day affords me the opportunity to establish a position of not only cognitive clarity, but also allows me to take advantage of other benefits of exercise such as, increased metabolism, positive mood/energy, motor function, improved mental alertness, and stress reduction. By adding "exercise balance" to my day, I not only "feel" better, but I have the ability to "move" better as well. Once I have completed my exercise routine, I am able to take on the challenges awaiting each step that I take during the course of my day. Having and maintain balance through the use of exercise has not only been beneficial to my life, but has been positively impactful for those around me. Therefore, it is essential for me to continually apply the principle of exercise balance in my life on a daily basis. It is truly an amazing way to "balance" out your day!

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