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Here for you.

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

This is a strange time for most of us due to the pandemic and the ongoing isolation. Be that as it may, as a retired U.S. Service member I have always found a way to feed my passion. I have taken the opportunity, as in times past, to listen, watch, and feel what those around me were trying to resolve. Although I can appear to some to be, hyper-motivated or driven, I would defer and only agree to the point which maintains my position on who and what I am. I am a motivator, a teacher, a student, a coach, a trainer, a father, a husband and a friend. It has always been my honor and pleasure to continually serve in any of the aforementioned capacities. Now why am I saying this today? Why am I taking this time to layout or express myself openly in this forum. Well, for one, I felt compelled to inform those of you who are not aware of my beginnings, my background, my story, my life, my struggles, my failures, and my victories. It is because of these chapters in my life that I am the motivator, the coach, the trainer, the teacher, the student, the father and husband that I am today. Granted, these variables which partially surmise who I am to this point, that have shaped me to be the person that is sitting here typing this content, to which as you now read, has become an addition to another episode of my life. So why is this blog titled "here for You"? Well, the truth of the matter is, that I am here for YOU! I am here to help as many of "You" as possible to achieve not only their fitness goals, but provide a positive voice in regards to any endeavor YOU may have. I am "Here for YOU" to provide not only motivational, but emotional support as well. When it comes to achieving our goals in the fitness arena, albeit to lose weight, run faster, jump higher, or walk further, I am "Here for you". I want to be there when you get your "Win" and the only way for me to be there is for me to "Here for YOU". I am here!

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Darryll Coleman

"I have to RUN"

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