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Like a Tornado

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Question, are we like Tornados? What I am truly asking is that are you a Powerfully, Unyielding, High-Energy, Cyclone on the outside, but calmer, might I add, reserve and peaceful (Eye of the Storm) on the inside? Reason being, while visiting Locust Grove, GA, sirens indicating a potentially life threatening meteorological event began bellowing sounds that could be heard for miles. Meanwhile, local news stations were reporting the imminent touchdown of a tornado, or series of tornados for the surrounding counties. Needless to say, I was visiting someone living within one of these potentially affected counties. To say that this moment was a bit unsettling would be an understatement. Conversely, at this moment, I was also reminded of how "Magnificently Powerful" these colossal whirlwinds could be. The sheer magnitude of immense energy generated by the cyclonic "Action" of these destructive vortexes, when measured by the Fujita scale, could only be categorized by the resulting damage of these meteorological wonders. And for a brief moment, I found myself in a state of wonder and trepidation.

And so, this leads us back to the query posed at the beginning of this blog entry. Is it possible that we are like tornados? In short, I would say yes! We are just as "Powerful", possibly more so, and our "Magnificence" and ability to alter events in our lives can be even more impactful! Our capacity to generate and wield energy is only limited by the level of confidence and belief that we have within ourselves. Just like a tornado, we can find ourselves becoming wrapped around small and large events that occur within our lives. But unlike a tornado, with a positive attitude and mindset, not only can we overcome life's obstacles, we can also learn from them as well. By developing a mindset attuned to adaptation, we can consistently discover the true power that we have cycling within ourselves. And this power, unlike the tornados', which is inherently very powerful, has the potential to never dissipate, never falter, never quit, and never be rendered useless or obsolete. Our "Tornado Power" has the ability to generate forces far beyond the measure of the Fujita Scale. Yes, comparatively speaking, through the utilization of proper mindset, intrinsic motivation, and purposive will we can exhibit certain characteristics of a tornado, but in reality, "We are capable of significantly more"!

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Darryll Coleman

"I have to RUN"

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