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Season and be "Seasoned"

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Regardless of age, you can turn back a page/s- age should not deter us from increasing strength, flexibility, speed, endurance and power. It is never too late to turn back a few pages when it comes to improving ones level of fitness and overall well-being. Some of us are stronger and healthier now than we have ever been in our lives. This “I can do all things” mentality needs to be one of our central “Phrase that Pays” mantra for our lives. We will also become mentally stronger as well. Physical exercise increase neurotransmitter efficiency, which increases physical reaction time or speed of the human movement system (HMS).

Seasoned and remain in season-

meaning, at 50+ I can remain physically active and perform just as well or even better than I did in some of my youthful days. I realized that I had to develop a plan, stay committed and consistent and "Positive" results will come over time. We have to be mindful that both of these processes take time and effort.

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