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The "Get PAID' Mentality

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

I was “Feeling” this good on my run yesterday and you can as well. Please take the time to take care of “You” today by exercising for at least 30 minutes! Believe me, I totally understand how difficult it can be for some of us to get started. I have been there and at times, I still feel the same way. Just start out by making up your bed this morning. Now you may be asking yourself “What in the heck does that have to do with exercise”? As with most endeavors, it starts off with a chain of events that take place in succession. Perhaps not uniformly in concert, but in a certain order to say the least. Starting out the day by making up our beds can lead to the next event, to which begins the development of new behavior patterns or change. Now while we are conducting oral hygeine etc., we are proceeding to engage in the development of The “Get PAID” Mentality or action process. These thoughts can begin to invoke within us a feeling of commitment. A “Commitment” that we have made to ourselves to start, or continue an exercise program. These thoughts of commitment, in turn, can then become a catalyst for “Action”! Funny thing is, this process, being repeated over a short period of time, can become a habit, which then leads to “Consistency”. Lastly, but not by any means least, comes the “Results”. One of the primary reasons why we are allocating our time to perform any type of physical fitness endeavor is to achieve a positive “Result”. Herein lies the basic foundational principles for developing and maintaining “The Get PAID Mentality”, which can be summed up as (C+C=R), or Commitment + Consistency = Results. Now that you have it, I need you to Get up, Get out and Get PAID👊! #thegetpaidmentality #BMRSD #habits #change #ihavetorun #inside30

Darryll Coleman “I have to RUN”

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