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We are Indestructible!

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

We are indestructible! Our minds, when in perfect concert with our bodies, can not just overcome, but annihilate any obstacle/s within our path. When you get to the point of "Knowing" that nothing can stop you; nothing can diminish your willingness to succeed, and not just succeed, but to do it in such a manner as to possibly redefine or reaffirm what we know, or for some of us, have yet to discover (Truth)(Knowing)(Realization), and that is "We can Do all things"! We are more than mere flesh and bone. Within ourselves lies an energy, a metaphysical force that, when pushed to the brink of exposure/discovery, which can then be called upon in our most dire circumstance/s, becomes our greatest ally, our greatest weapon against all doubt, fear, weakness, and negativity. "Motivation does come and go", as expressed by David Goggins, but I would also surmise that when you find yourself confronted with an insurmountable task/s that you are wholeheartedly "Driven" to accomplish, and you have pushed yourself to your "Known" conscious limits, a true convergence of Mind, Body, and might I add Spirit (Energy/Force), takes place. It is at this point that we truly discover how "Powerful" we really are! "The Get PAID Mentality"

Darryll Coleman

I have to RUN

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